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we do tourism‘Africa’s game reserves and national parks are scattered about this vast continent to an estimated total of 850,000 sqkm. That is equivalent to an area much larger than Britain and Germany combined. In many of these wildlife reserves, you can see the so-called big five – elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo.’ (My Safari Diary).

Wildlife reserves are located in many parts of South Africa, and KwaZulu-Natal (the home of seaside resort Umhlanga Rocks) is no exception.

The problem, of course, is that many animals in these reserves are under threat due to overhunting, poaching, toxins and habitat destruction.

To help mitigate these problems Education Safaris has created an interactive book called My Safari Diary. The book helps the cause of wildlife conservation on two fronts:

  • It creates awareness of 32 African animals
  • It contributes financially to conservation projects throughout Africa; a portion of the sale price of each copy of My Safari Diary is donated.

The book is presented in glossy A4 format and describes animals such as lion, leopard, crocodile, eland, impala, oryx, bushbuck and more. Many descriptions have ‘Did you know?’ sections, that contain fascinating tidbits. For instance, did you know that male lions can exceed 250kg in weight? That the name ‘hippopotamus’ comes from the Greek meaning horse, but that the hippo is actually more closely related to the pig than the horse?

In addition, each animal has a space next to it on the page into which you can insert a picture of the animal. The pictures (photos as opposed to illustrations) are in sticker form in the centre of the book. The idea of the ‘diary’ is that on your safari trips you simply tick off the animals you see and put the corresponding sticker in place. The photos show the animals in their natural colouring and habitat and are excellent for aiding identification.

My Safari Diary is not only a helpful personal tool. It would be great to stock at your tourism establishment too.

Although available to the public for R136.00, tourism establishments pay only R70.00 and are free to put their own contact details on the back of the book. To purchase the book go to www.educationsafaris.co.za or contact Herbert Achhammer on 031-564-4401. Remember that R3 of every book purchased goes to conservation projects.

WIN WIN WIN The first three people to email Herbert Achhammer of Sun-set View B&B Guest House, Durban, will win a copy of My Safari Diary. Email info@sunset-view.co.za. Put ‘My Safari Diary Competition in the subject line’. Please include: your name, contact details, postal address.

You will be informed by return email if you have won and a copy of the book will be posted to you.

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