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Car Rental

Cliq Rentals

Self-service, hourly car hire No car keys No paper work No human assistance No queuing No deposit Convenient car hire, all through the Cliq App download the app or visit their website to find our more.


At Pace Car Rental, we aim to deliver “honest all-inclusive car rental” with everything you need, quoted in the original quotation. Extras are clearly highlighted. We specialise in long-term car rental while offering cash car rental. Our fleet ranges from minibus rental, SUV hire, bakkie rental, van hire, panel van rental, double cab bakkie hire, compact car…

Cabs Car Hire

Cabs Car Hire was established in 1990 and has 20 years of business trading as one of the pioneer independent car rental companies in South Africa. We pride ourselves in service excellence and offer Great Value, Price Security, Location Convenience, Airport Meet & Greet, Consolidated Rental Days Excellent Choice, and Personal Attention.

Thrifty Car Rental

At Thrifty, we pride ourselves on providing you with the  best exclusive deals on good-as-new ex-rental cars in South Africa. Below are a few points on the vehicles we  have on offer: The price you see is the price you pay, VAT included. Each vehicle includes a 100-point quality check. Each vehicle has a full…